What is Homeopathy?

It is derived from Greek word, “Homoios” (homoeo) meaning similar and “patheia” (pathy) meaning suffering. It is alternative system of medicine introduced to the world in 1796 by German MD Physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homoeopathy has been serving humanity for over two centuries and has withstood the upheavals of the time.

How it works?

Homoeopathy enhances the Inner Power or Immunity.
Homoeopathy works on the concept of trinity of life that is MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT (vital force). According to homoeopathic philosophy, when there is a dynamic flow of energy between Mind, Body and Spirit, an equilibrium is maintained and the individual is healthy with a sense of wellbeing. When this equilibrium is disturbed due to any external or internal (Mental or Physical) factor it leads to “Dis-ease” expressed in the form of sign and symptoms of a disease. Each individual expresses itself in a unique, peculiar manner. In homoeopathy we study these expressions and choose a similar (like cures like) but stronger energy that is remedy/medicine. The dose required just enough to strength the immune system and aid in restoring the equilibrium thus allowing the natural healing to occur.

Reaching the Root cause of the suffering/ Disease.
Homoeopathy treats an individual with a specific disease and not the disease alone. A homoeopath enquires into the cause of the trouble be it physical or emotional through a detailed case history and prescribes medicines. Thus when the cause is treated and removed from the body, its effects in the form of sign and symptoms of the disease disappear completely.

Who can take it?

All Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances like plant extracts, minerals and biological sources which are then extensively proved on healthy human being to get its most accurate identification of signs and symptoms produced in body. Thus making it safe for all age groups from infants, children, pregnant and nursing women to adults, old age and pets. It is safe in acute as well as chronic and life threatening illnesses without any side effects under physician’s supervision and prescription. It can be taken along with the conventional allopathic medication without any harmful interactions or reactions.