Dr. Hiral Gandhi , M.D

Homeopathic Physician
Dr Hiral is a skilled classical homeopathic practioner with a rich experience of over 8 years. She graduated (BHMS) from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune and did her Master’s (M.D Hom) from Nashik University. She has also completed the ABT Certificate Course (Art Based Therapy) from World Centre for Creative Learning foundation (WCCL), Pune. She has worked on the action research project and treated adults (patients) with psychosocial special need through this therapy. To gain more experience she joined the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR – Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust, Pune) and took further examinations for standard clinical record (SCR). She has worked with many senior homeopathic physicians for couple of years. She has worked in Denanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune in Homeopathic department under senior Homoeopathic Consultant Dr Shirish Phansalkar for 5years. This has helped her to a great extent to apply the same holistic approach in treating her patients. i.e. (Mind, Body, Soul) healthy diet, exercise and meditation.
She has gained experience of treating patients successfully through homeopathy which has only reaffirmed her faith in the system of homeopathy, along with her passion to serve humanity giving rise to AASTHA Homeocare.
The word AASTHA in Sanskrit means “Faith or belief”. She at Aastha has a strong belief that each individual possesses a unique positive dynamic flow of energy within which allows to retain balance within. She will be glad to work with you to identify and understand the cause of imbalance and restore the equilibrium within.